Making bows by hand is a combination of art and craft. It is both challenging and rewarding. I first studied bow making with Lynn Hannings and George Rubino at the University of New Hampshire and later with Rodney Mohr and Jerry Pasewicz at Oberlin College in Ohio. I’ve been making and repairing bows since 1996.

My bows are completely handmade primarily using techniques from the time honored French tradition. I use only the highest quality wood, pernambuco for the stick and ebony for the frog and button. The frog and button are silver mounted.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when making a bow by hand. The main ones are weight, balance, camber (curve of the bow) and flexibility or strength. Unlike factory bows, my bows are made one at a time taking all these factors into consideration. Since every piece of wood is unique each stick is worked a little differently to end up with the best bow for that piece of wood. The highest standard and attention is given to every detail on the stick, frog and button. The end result is a handsomely styled bow with exceptional playability.
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Violin Bow


Cello Bow