Satisfied Customers

Both my wife Hilary and I play on Roger Treat bows. Once we picked out our first Treat bow, we couldn’t stop borrowing from each other … so we knew we had to have two! Now we couldn’t imagine playing on anything else. It plays like a dream, responsive, helping draw out each note and is ever dependable. I couldn’t recommend a better bow!

Bob Childs, violinmaker and fiddler




” I’m so happy I invested in my new Roger Treat bow. Now I look forward to practicing because the sound is so much better. It’s as though the violin is thanking me for finding a bow that brings out it’s beauty. The bow clings to the string yet responds so easily to picking out the short notes.

Thank you Roger for making my musical life so much more enjoyable, and the more I play the better it gets.”

~ Edith Thomas, Violinist
Windham Orchestra and Chamber music player
Marlboro, Vermont


“I am extremely happy with the bow I have that was made by Roger Treat. It has a wonderful feel to it and is very responsive and comfortable. The bow really pulls the sound out of the fiddle giving it a better tone and helping it project better. I find that I’m very attached to it and prefer it to any other bow.”

~ Jane Orzechowski
Newport, New Hampshire


“I knew Roger since we both played in the fiddle group Childsplay. After he started making bows he would bring samples to our rehearsals and concert tours. I checked them out and borrowed one. I played it in Boston, Brattleboro and Portland. When we eventually were to split I didn´t want to let go of it. So I brought the bow with me back to Sweden and have played it ever since. This was a couple of years ago and never have I had any reason to regret that decision!”

~ Lars Moberg Falun


“I’ve only been playing my Roger Treat bow for a few weeks, but already I can tell that this bow is both a powerful tool and a finely-crafted work of art. The bow is responsive, nimble and well-balanced, and has allowed me to expand my technique, explore new parts of my musicianship, and do things I just wasn’t able to do with my old bow. I feel lucky to have been able to purchase a hand-crafted bow directly from a skilled maker who I know and trust. I’m looking forward to many years of making music with my Roger Treat bow.”

~ Ethan Hazzard-Watkins
Brattleboro, Vermont